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            Award Winning Mosaic Art and Design by Bonnie Cohen

I enjoy the challenge of translating personal stories into artwork that captures the heart and soul of a community. Whether it’s a group of doctors and nurses in a hospital, students at a university, elderly residents in a nursing home, or volunteers at a community center, I've found people's stories to be the source of inspiration for all of my artwork.


Mosaic art is a metaphor for life. The process of making a choice to place one piece of tile next to another is what makes mosaic art beautiful. Each piece is enhanced when it is surrounded by others. No one piece stands alone.

Mosaic art can transform a public space and make the viewer feel a whole range of emotions: inspirational, thoughtful, contemplative , informational and calming. The interplay of shimmering materials and bold design catch the viewer’s eye from afar and draws people closer to view the artwork details and hidden messages.

The best compliment I’ve ever received was when a student said, “Your artwork makes me feel like this university cares about me!”

 My goal is to bring that caring sentiment into every project.



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