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“See the Difference, Be the Difference”

Bowling Green State University College of Health and Human Services

Percent for Arts Proposal


From the blackest edges of outer space, to our own personal space, circles symbolize our universe, our communities, our friendships and our families. Circles evoke the vibration of sound waves,  concentric rings of rippling water, and embracing arms. Circles record precise scientific data magnified through the circular lens of a microscope.

Circles create a strong graphic image from afar, allowing the flow of the tesserae to draw the viewer close — to touch, feel, and discover intricate details.  The circles intersect, overlap and converge, accentuating  the luminous recycled glass and handmade tiles.

A bold and bright glass line traverses the entire wall and wraps around each corner, anchoring the  artwork and drawing the eye into the central circles.  The gray outer circles become lighter  towards the center, where sparks of colored shards converge into intricately detailed circles suggesting both our commonality and our diversity.

The timeless medium of mosaic art is a metaphor for our communities. Every single piece is enhanced by its relationship to the pieces around it. And each individual piece is an integral part of the big picture.

The predominately white palette is enhanced by surrounding colors and light to instill a calming environment that changes with every hour of the day.  By touching the tiles and discovering the intricate details, the viewer can experience the art up close and even see his or her reflection in the pieces of mirror scattered throughout the mosaic.

Inspiring quotations embedded in the handmade tiles reflect the seven dimensions of wellness, the focus of the College of Health and Human Service’s curriculum. The artwork brings light, color, joy and healing into the lives of students, faculty, patients and visitors and inspires them to make a difference and be the difference.

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