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Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Bowling Green, Ohio

Ohio Percent for Arts Proposal

Just as special agents fit pieces of evidence together to solve a crime, this mosaic art fits small pieces together to form a big picture of the work of the Bureau of criminal investigation.

The proposed mosaic is a 12’ by 15’ mural made from handmade tiles, vitreous glass tiles, recycled tiles and found objects. The grid motif from dark to light echoes the scientific data collected in the various crime labs of BCI.

The graphic impact of the mosaic, at first glance, is the gradation from dark to light. Subtle shades of grey help illustrate the reality that things are not always black and white. But as one gets closer, the details and images become more apparent and encourage the viewer to search for the further evidence.

Actual photos of DNA evidence were used as a guide to replicate the subtle grey, black and white strands that are analyzed in the labs. The handmade tiles are impressed with footprints, tire treads, gloves, and handprints.

Words from the agents’ explanations create an authentic story of BCI. Black and white photos of handcuffs, fingerprints, computer chips, polygraph results and police badges are just a few images fired onto the tiles lending realism to the mosaic mural. 

The words of the special agent who described his work as “just as much an art as a science” inspired the brightly colored bands that “connect the dots” and represent “the art” of solving the crimes.

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